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At Four Lion Dental Boutique, our team of oral care experts are always here to address any questions or concerns you may have. As a family friendly practice, we welcome patients of all ages and feature educational programs to help inform patients of how to best protect their smile once they depart from the office.

Additionally, we feature a number of common oral care options and procedures aimed at improving your oral health. Below you will find a list of our services and treatment options.

Dentures, Partials, & Bridges

Have you recently lost a tooth? Need assistance restoring your smile following an injury? At Four Lion Dental Boutique, we offer a variety of treatment options that can be personalized for your needs. Whether you need dentures, partials, or some bridge work, our staff is here to assist you.

Dental Fillings

Cavities can be an absolute nightmare if not treated promptly, which is why our Humble dentist often recommends seeking treatment sooner rather than later. With advances in dental technology, we can promptly treat your infected tooth in as little as a single office visit.

Periodontal Exams

Keeping your teeth and gums looking their best doesn’t end with simply brushing and flossing daily. We recommend that you visit our practice at least twice a year for a periodontal exam, which is often paired with x-rays, an exam with one of our dentist, and a cleaning.

Dental Implants

If you’re missing a single tooth or only a couple of teeth, we recommend that you look into our implant options. Unlike traditional metal based implants that stand out, our resin based solutions are constructed to match the natural look of your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth has become seriously compromised and is beginning to hurt, you may need to have a root canal treatment performed. Typically, root canals occur when the pulp of your tooth is exposed as your enamel has worn down. To help protect your remaining enamel, our oral care experts will often perform a root canal procedure to remove any infected material and help strengthen your tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Ready to love your smile? Visit our family-friendly practice for a bleaching and whitening treatment to help remove any surface stains or discoloration that may have occurred from coffee, tea, and other surgery beverages.

For more information regarding any of our treatment options, please reach out to our offices at your earliest convenience by calling (281) 318-1305!

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